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22 May 2012 @ 03:08 pm
My journal has already maxed out on LJ's 999 friends limit and can no longer accommodate friend requests.
Therefore, all my written fanfiction has been transferred to >>> ibleedyunho
Further fanfiction updates will also be posted there. So join the community to gain access to my fics. 
I apologize for the hassle but I hope you guys understand.
Thank you. :)

I'll be cleaning up my friends list and will be removing those I don't really talk to.
This journal will no longer contain fanfiction.
-Kira [5/22/2012] 
08 March 2013 @ 07:00 am
disclaimer: pic not mine
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17 February 2013 @ 07:55 pm
If I had the guts I’d ask you to be free
I’d ask you to roam the universe in search of me
I’d ask you to love me the way that you love him
And always hold me, always near
I swear I would ask you this
If only you were here
I remember how you wore my sweater like moonlight
and how it smelled like heaven for days
And maybe I’ll never get that close to you again
but I’ve dreamt of it a thousand ways
If I had the guts I’d ask you to dance
I’d get down on my knees, beg you for a chance
I’d shed my blood to touch the pearls that kiss your ears
I’d wipe away your every tear
I’d sell my soul to see you fly
I’d chase away your fear

-Loring Blackman, How to Kill a Rock Star
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25 October 2010 @ 09:01 pm
I give credit to these OSM people and websites.
I love their textures, brushes and tutorials in Photoshop.
I have been using them for my edits.
All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.
I will try to keep this list constantly updated.

ps. i made a mistake while editing this a while back and some of the names got deleted.
if i used your work yet you do not see your name on the list, just leave me a comment and i'll be sure to add it back.
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